We are Be Bold, the human services consulting team that will dare you to try new solutions and adopt new approaches to your business needs.

Our approach is to always work with the aim of enhancing your business resilience. We will work with you to deeply understand the specific problem your business is facing, review relevant business systems to identify efficiencies and insights, and finally provide guidance and support to ensure your service can innovate and grow in the face of challenges and disruptions.


We can work remotely with your management committee, using online tools to gather relevant details, interview key stakeholders and even observe current practices to ensure we fully understand your service. We strive to provide an effective action plan to mitigate business risk and explore cost-effective opportunities. 

Our team follows a resilience approach to compliance with a wide range of experience in risk assessment, streamlining processes and implementation of cost-effective solutions.

We are a small niche consultancy with deep hands-on experience in human services and cross industry optimization knowledge. 

KAte Frost

Strategy | Governance and Risk | Technology

Kate is our strategic and risk advisory with  13 years of experience across human services sector.  She also has an intricate understanding of application of technology to businesses and key tactics across various business improvement and development environments. Her interpersonal skills are pivotal in enabling businesses of all sizes to raise the bar

Sofia Goncalves

Project Management | Change Management 

Sofia is a solution-oriented project manager who applies behavioural insights to build trust, create strong relationships and follow-through change management processes.  She has managed teams and projects across various industries from education to fashion and possesses remarkable "can do" attitude.


We can support you to define and implement Response Plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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