Governance & Risk Management

Why invest in your business future?

The process to bounce back from recent disruptive times demands innovative and creative strategies. We dare services to re-engage with their mission and strike for feasible strategies to overcome the current economic climate. 

Governance and risk management doesn't need to be complicated.  We understand the challenges early childhood services have and we provide practical solutions to succeed on: 

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation

  • Business recovery plans

  • Risk Management and Governance

  • Compliance Management

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Business Continuity

  • Health & Safety

Be Bold team have successful methodology in compliance management and continuous improvement 

In early childhood education and care, compliance is embedded in the day-to-day operations and with a continuous improvement culture, your service is excelling and positively impacting your children, families and community. 

Reflection and evaluation of your service compliance can be simple. We can help you implement a methodology that will allow you to effectively keep your QIP up-to-date. 

Compliance Management subscription


We will support your teams to stay on top of their compliance requirements. Utilising Penelope QIP, specialist ECEC compliance software, the BeBold team will support your Educational Leader to work through every Quality Area with coaching to enhance the practice in the Centre to an exceeding level of quality. The way we work with your team allows for evidence to build up as we go, meaning your Centre is well equipped to confidently go into an assessment and rating process with clear examples of quality improvements and Centre strengths.


We'll conduct periodic desk audits to assess any gaps in compliance and the necessary guidance to rectify issues. We monitor any changes in regulation or legislation in the sector and ensure your teams are equipped for any changes. We also provide helpful resources and templates to reduce the administrative burden of compliance for your Centre and can work with you to develop customised Centre inductions for new staff and casual employees.

Continuous Improvement subscription


If your Centre has compliance under control and just requires support to stay motivated with continuous improvement, the Be Bold Team can support with monthly one on one check ins, regular webinars and QIP development, utilising Penelope QIP, specialist ECEC compliance software. Centres will engage in self assessment and quality improvement to ensure compliance with Quality Area 7.2.


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