Lifting the restrictions

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The Government is continuing lifting coronavirus restrictions and people is starting to head back into the workplace.

How can you ensure your service will continue preventing an outbreak?

Health and safety strategies

The Government has released guidelines for every industry on health and safety strategies for employees returning to work on the Safe Work Australia website. The information provided is primarily concerned with staff safety, but for the childcare sector does include some practical tips on pick up/drop off and worker-child interactions.

Access the SafeWork pages for Early Childhood Education and Care here.

Self - Assessment tool for centres

The team behind Penelope QIP are offering a completely free self-assessment tool for Centres. The tool incorporates guidelines from World Health Organisation, Department of Health and the National Health and Medical Research Council on ECEC services and infection control.

You can rate your own level of preparedness and develop an action plan for you and your team to help you schedule and monitor any additional activities you identify.

Click here to register the free self assessment.

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